The definition of the term complaint is defined under the Complaint Resolution Policy as an expression of dissatisfaction or concern expressed by a client or customer regarding the services, operating procedures, staff, vendors, or complaint handling process.


Each complaint received is directed to the Director of Operations who completes a Complaint Intake form that includes:

Date of complaint;
Contact information of the consumer or person making the complaint;
File number; name and /or policy number;
Brief description of the complaint;
Brief description of the resolution requested;
Amount of fees associated with the transaction (if complaint is related to fees);
Employee assigned to;
Summary of Resolution;

The Director of Operations also logs all complaints on the Company’s Consumer Complaint Log which is used to identify open complaints


The Director of Operations assigns an employee to investigate and resolve each complaint within 24 hours of receipt


he designated employee is provided with a copy of the Complaint Intake Form.


The designated employee locates the relevant file(s); reviews the relevant documentation; etermines a proper resolution and carries out the action(s) necessary to resolve the complaint.


In the event that the employee is unable to resolve the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction,the Director of Operations will review the matter and re-assign it or assume the responsibility.


Upon resolution of the complaint (or inability to resolve), the employee completes the Summary of Resolution section of the Intake Form and returns it along with the supporting documentation, if any, to the Director of Operations.


Complaint records are retained for a period of 5 years

Unisource is dedicated to providing excellent client satisfaction and customer service. In an effort to ensure that complaints are addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible, the Company records all complaints and tracks them. Lenders will be permitted to see complaint records related to their loans.

All complaints received by the Company are logged on the Company’s Consumer Complaint Log which is used to track the status of each complaint. The Log is maintained by the Director of Operations.

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